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Derick Pope

Owner/Head Trainer


Born in Memphis, TN on October 26,1993. Raised in Grayson, GA. Fell in love with basketball at 6 years old and started playing organized at 9. The game came to him pretty easily at a young age, but the older he got, the harder he had to work. On every team he have played on, besides his very first college, he started and earned the title as the best player on the team. This was due to an extreme work ethic. Derick always said he wanted a career helping people and now has a great opportunity to do just that.


  • JV as a 9th grader [Led team to championship]

  • Varsity 10th-12th Grade [Led in PPG, BPG, RPG]

  • Florida Tech University 2012-14 [92% FT, 38% 3PT]

  • King University 2014-2017 [Led 15-16' Team to a championship and NCAA tournament visit; Top 5 in the league in 3PT% at 42% 16-17']

  • TUS Bramsche Red Devils Overseas team in Germany [18.3 PPG, 12.1 RPG; Led team to championship runner up and #1 in the league]

  • 5 years training experience; 8 years coaching experience

Hoop Network Grind

The Three Keys To Basketball Success

HNG was founded by Derick Pope in 2017. The name "Hoop Network Grind" derives from what he feels are three very important things to focus on in basketball. [HOOP] This is the best way to gain experience. You have to love playing. Love the basketball culture and everything that comes with It. [NETWORK] Never burn a bridge. Knowing the right people will always help you get where you need to be in life and in basketball. Coaches, scouts, agents, trainers, even players can all be a benefit to you. [GRIND] Never let anyone outwork you. When you're not getting better someone else is. You have to grind in the weight room, on the court, AND in rehab. This is the only way to be great. 


The brand is all about optimizing strengths and improving weaknesses in players of all ages. Workouts are tailored the game of the client. We will not focus on making the client into someone else or selling them dreams. We simply focus on helping them learn all aspects of the game and find their strengths in order to abuse them and make their utmost impact on games.

Joe Strother

Advance Everyday Basketball Owner/AssociateTrainer


Born in Atlanta, GA on April 5, 1993. Raised in Norcross, GA. Began playing at 5 years old and started playing organized at 8. The more he played basketball, the more he loved It. By 7th grade, he was understanding the game on a whole different level. His head coach took notice of that and told him that coaching was going to be his next step when he was done playing. Reaching out to the youth and showing them the game is what Joe is truly passionate about.



  • Freshman team as a 9th grader [1 Loss & championship season]

  • JV as a 10th grader[Undefeated & championship season]

  • Action Sports Academy 2012 [29-9 first-year program]

  •  Toccoa Falls College 2014

  •  Emmanuel College student-assistant coach JV &Varsity [NCCAA Championship season 2016] 

  •   7 years training experience; 4 years coaching experience